The Machinage Gagné machine shop offers a full range of services. Located in Granby, 45 minutes from Montreal’s South Shore, the company specializes in general machining, 9-1-1 emergency services and all mechanical parts repair.

The various machining services – South Shore

The Machinage Gagné machine shop has more than 80 years of experience and offers high-precision machining services for a wide range of Quebec industries and regions, including Montreal’s South Shore, such as Longueuil, Boucherville, Saint-Hubert, and Saint-Bruno de Montarville. Our services are made up of different categories and include:

The services offered

The services offered at the Machinage Gagné machine shop:

  • Emergency Service:Need the services of a machinist in the vicinity of Montreal or the South Shore? The Machine Won machine shop has a 9-1-1 service. This service promotes speed, quality and precision. Winning Machinage also offers pick-up and delivery services for your parts and repairs. Contact us for your emergency and maintenance work in the industrial or commercial sector. We will be able to respond quickly.


  • CNC manufacturing:The Manufacturing Manufacturing Gagné machine shop has state-of-the-art digital control machines (CNCs). Machinage Gagné offers its expertise in CNC (computer-assisted machining) 2, 3 and 4 axes, in reworking, and in the design and development of parts.

  • Mold manufacturing: Made-up Machining offers a full range of repair and maintenance services for injection or wind tunnel moulding of plastic. We specialize in almost all types of machining needed to repair molds. Whether you’re in Montreal, Longueuil, Saint-Hubert, Boucherville or another city on the South Shore, take advantage of our expertise in the maintenance and repair of your mussels.

  • Gears:The Machine Won Machine machine shop is known as an industry leader in urgent repair and gear manufacturing. Our expertise extends to cutting helical gears, straight gears, conical gears, rack gears, screw gears and more. You are offered about 175 types of gears in a variety of materials including allied steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum-bronze, cast iron, nylon, acetal and cast bronze.

  • Welding:The Machinage Gagné machine shop uses modern appliances. Thanks to our sophisticated tools, materials such as aluminum, steel and stainless steel are undergoing various transformations. In addition, plasma cutting is part of the services offered by the Machinage Gagné machine shop. The main welding methods are TIG, MIG, arc welding, flame welding and heating iron welding.

  • Sharpening:We sharpen cutting tools of all kinds. The Winner’s Machinage offers flat grinding, cylindrical grinding and micro-rectification services. We use precision grinders to achieve precise dimensions and smooth surfaces. Machineage Gagné offers you his undeniable experience in sharpening. You can count on a service that respects the tolerances adapted to your needs.

Other services

Here are the other services Machinage Gagné offers for its customers:

  • Inspection Room:The workshop has a clean inspection room. This is intended for the inspection of products or parts manufactured for unparalleled satisfaction. The team works as an expert, fast and cutting-edge team.


  • CAD Drawing:SolidWorks software is used by our team to design 2D CAD drawing and 3D digital modeling.


  • EDM:The Machinage Gagné machinage machine shop puts EDM’s cutting of materials into perspective. EDM machining is applicable to any electrically conductive material. In some applications, this type of machining is preferred over CNC machining.

TheSouth Shore’s Esservies

The Machine Won Machine Workshop is located in Granby at 790 Blvd. Industrial, Quebec, Canada, J2G 9J5. Given its location, we also offer our services in Longueuil, Boucherville, St-Hubert, and other cities on the South Shore of Montreal.

Trust the Machine Won Machine Workshop

Everyone, individual or company, can benefit from the services of Machine Won. We are here to accompany you in the design, repair of your mechanical parts and for any kind of project. We take your needs into account to always offer the best value for money.