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Companies use cutting blades and other sharp-bladed tools to carry out their industrial and commercial activities. The packaging industry, agri-food, transportation, and textiles are just a few examples of sectors that need sharpening service. For example, if a company needs tree branch rune cutting to make shavings, it will need shredding knives and choppers. Paper cutting blades are used to cut newspapers, while food processing knives are used to cut meats, vegetables, and cheeses. Even Zamboni’s blades need to be sharpened regularly to be able to plan the ice and make it smooth for hockey games and skating.

Many companies have sharpening tools, blades or knives, whether they are flat, circular or serrated blades, guillotine blades, or any other specialized knife, blade or wick. Gagné Machinage offers high-precision sharpening of carbide, fast steel (HSS), stellite and diamond cutting tools.

Learn how to keep your tools sharp and extend the life of your equipment with precision sharpening with the services of Won Machinage.


What is sharpening?


Sharpening is a task that restores the sharp properties of a blade. When a cutting tool is used for a period of time, its blade is rubbed and corrosioned. The friction occurs between the object and the steel of the blade and causes the wire to round. As for corrosion, it refers to a reaction accelerated by the acidity of a medium and that takes place between the metal and that medium. It acts not only on the wire of the blade, but also on other metal parts.

The severity of the effects of these phenomena generally depends on the quality of the steel, i.e. its hardness and its stainless or non-stainless character. Thus, a blade is dulled by friction and corrosion. The harder the blade, the stronger its wire.

Winning Machinage offers you quality industrial and commercial sharpening to increase the efficiency of your cutting tools. Our team of professionals provides you with a complete and fast work.


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Sharpening services at Machinage Gagné


We sharpen cutting tools of all kinds. To sharpen objects for commercial and industrial use, different means are available to effectively sharpen your cutting tools. Here are a few.


Flat, cylindrical rectification


The Winner’s Machinage offers flat grinding, cylindrical grinding and micro-rectification services. We use precision grinders to achieve precise dimensions and smooth surfaces, according to sometimes very strict tolerances. We offer rectification services to polish surfaces, as well as rough draft work that removes large amounts of material. We correct fast steels (HSS) and non-ferrous materials using Glockel and Madison-branded precision machine tools.

Rectification is a method of restoring the condition of the surface of a room. To rectify a piece, we use a rotating abrasive wheel or disc (mill) that removes some of the material from that piece. The wheel is equipped with abrasive particles that are intended to gradually remove shavings from the surface of the room. In our industry, rectification is sometimes also called “abrasion machining.”

There are two main types of rectification: horizontal grinding, which makes the surface of the room smoother by gradually removing layers of material, and cylindrical grinding, which improves the condition of the surface as the part rotates on itself. Horizontal grinding uses a flat grinder, i.e. a grinder that does not move, but rotates on itself to sand or polish a metal surface thanks to its abrasive particles. As for cylindrical grinding, it aims to create surfaces of perfectly cylindrical shape.

With our varied grinders, which offer a range of features, our company will meet all your needs. If a perfectly finished surface and ultra-precise dimensions are your priority, we are the company for you!


The use of sharpening stones


The stone process is one of the most well-known methods and appreciated for the quality of the result it provides. It rests on different types of stones and allows you to get a sharp tool. Stones can be artificial, natural or diamond-shaped. However, not all of these types of stones make it possible to sharpen effectively. Sharpening should be done with certain parameters such as abrasive, water use, granulometry (grain size in stones) and the angle at which the room will be sharpened.

Machineage Gagné offers you his undeniable experience in sharpening. You can count on a service that respects the tolerances adapted to your needs.


The sharpening stones and grinders


Guns are usually used for regular maintenance. There are steel, stellite, ceramic and diamond rifles. They can straighten a wire or set up a new blade wire in case of complete degradation and play a role in polishing the materials. The use of rifles also has some requirements related to hardness, friction coefficient, particle retention capacity, corrosion resistance, etc. In addition, they are not suitable for all blades.

The different sharpening processes are summed up in 5 main steps: the hollowing of the blade, the shaping of the cutting, the emorving (elimination of the morfil), the polishing of the edge and the alignment of the wire.

To carry out residential or industrial work, Machinage Gagné also employs several other methods and machines at the cutting edge of technology.

Use the Sharpening Service of Made Machinage

In the industrial and commercial sectors, sharp blades or strands ensure that your company’s activities run smoothly.

Machinage Gagné offers such services in all regions of Montreal, the South Shore, Longueuil, Boucherville and St-Hubert. We take your needs into account to offer you the best value for money.

For all your sharpening work, contact Machinage Gagné for a quote: or 450-378-4929