CNC machining

CNC machining of metal or plastic, polymer or composite parts is an automated manufacturing process that has been modernized over the years. The techniques used require, in particular, the intervention of computers. These are essentially used to send digital orders by calculator to machine tools. In this process, the absence of mould leads to a reduction in costs and production times. This method also makes it possible to obtain extremely precise parts with excellent physical properties.

CNC machining consists of producing parts by first removing material on a mass usingcutting tools. These tools include millers and towers. When the machine tool used is a milling machine, this process is called CNC milling. In the milling department, Machinage Gagné owns 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis towers.

When it comes to tricks, however, we are talking about CNC filming. These machines allow the cutting tool to be moved along a given axis. Digital control allows objects to be made in various shapes while integrating new machining technologies. In its filming department, for example, Machinage Gagne uses live tooling.

Indeed, the machining function is determined by a program that sends a 3D file to the computer. These instructions allow you to define the rotation axes of the mill and the towers in order to carve the object to obtain the desired shape. In other words, it is this program that controls the movement of tools on the mass to be machined. However, this method is not recommended for medium- and large-scale productions.

Machining techniques appeared in the 17th and 18th centuries. At that time, machines were mechanical and used by handcrafted techniques. Automation of these machines emerged during the Cold War with computer-controlled methods. In 1952, the first digitally controlled calculator was born. Since then, millers have been evolving at an impressive rate.

CNC machining is a high-precision manufacturing method used in many industrial sectors. In practice, CNC technology is used in several industries, including transportation, hydro-electric, food, safety, and medical equipment.

In the transportation industry, CNC machining services are used to make custom parts, such as parts of automobiles or recreational vehicles. These parts are made using CNC milling and filming methods. In addition, the aerospace industry also uses CNC machining to obtain machined parts with excellent physical properties.

In addition, the use of this technology is effective in many other areas to obtain custom parts. Made-up machinage makes custom-made, prototypes and unique copies for all these industries. For the manufacture of cases and certain electrical materials, this technique is also of great efficiency.

Whatever your industry, Machinage Gagné provides you with the necessary support for an optimal CNC machining experience. This includes ensuring compliance according to the customer’s requirements. More and more customers are favouring suppliers who can check parts from the beginning to the end of production to ensure consistency, accuracy and quality of the products delivered. We have recently invested more than $350,000 in state-of-the-art parts verification equipment.

To be more successful in CNC methods and achieve optimal results, it is important to call on qualified people. With our services, you are guaranteed to benefit from efficient and optimal equipment for machining. Also, Machinage Gagné offers excellent customer service to address any of your concerns. Serving several cities, including Montreal, Longueuil, St-Hubert, Boucherville, and the South Shore of Montreal, this company offers beautiful guaranties,with fast delivery. Thus, with our highly qualified team, you benefit from small, medium, and large series repair, manufacturing and production services.

Also, maintenance and repair services at CNC machining centres are available. On the other hand, you can take advantage of tailored solutions for all your parts manufacturing and production needs in high-end machining. We also provide emergency services when you need the services of an experienced machinist within a tight time frame. In the event of breakdowns, our team provides fast and quality work.

Moreover, with Machinage Gagné,you can also enjoy a full service for injection molds. For residual or industrial work,Machinage Gagné accompanies and offers excellent guarantees of quality and results. Our team of professionals is available, attentive and qualified to meet all your needs. The services offered include gearing, welding, inspection room,EDM, CAD design and sharpening.

In addition, our company specializing in high precision machining has just had its ISO 9001 certification, version 2015, renewed for a second consecutive year.

In order to succeed in the work related to CNC machining,it is essential that each of the tools used is of quality. The machining takes into account elements such as the composition of the material, its resistance to rupture, and its ability to dissipate heat. Thus, the materials used can be found in stainless steel,aluminum or non-ferrous alloys, or in brass, bronze, copper, nylon, and phenolic.

The cutting tools are characterized by their width and depth which play a decisive role in the desired molding for the piece. Cutting speed and advance as well as tool coatings are also essential to consider.

In addition, the drilling stage is important and is tricky when it has to run on deep holes. Also, there are several options to manage sharp angles. Each supplier uses specific methods to ensure that the quality and appearance of the products meet the tolerances. In addition, our workshop specializes in the manufacture of small parts as well as the manufacture of large-scale parts. With us, you have the assurance of enjoying the best quality and outstanding service.

CNC machining is a digital manufacturing technology that operates in most industrial sectors and many other industries. Among other things, this technology is used for the manufacture of prototypes and the production of large numbers of metal and plastic parts. Indeed, these parts have a flawless construction thanks to the precision of the tools used. To ensure the best experience of CNC machining work, it is necessary to deal with a company specializing in high precision machining that can ensure the quality of the products delivered.

With our company, you benefit from all these guarantees. Indeed, Machinage Gagné offers optimal solutions for a better CNC machiningexperience.