Drawing CAD

Since 1939, Machinage Gagné has specialized in the manufacture of specialized parts. Renowned for the professionalism and speed of our work, we constantly strive to improve our services. In 2D and 3D CAD design, we meet the needs of several industries with quality, precision, rigor and meticulousness.

Whether it’s mechanical or geometric, Machinage Gagné allows you to quickly and easily simulate and predict the true behavior of your parts before they are made. The Machinage Gagné machine shop offers CAD design services in many industry sectors, including injection mold manufacturing, CNC machining, gearing, welding and sharpening.

Using SolidWorks software, MachinageGagné creates a plan of the product to be manufactured. Like other geometric modeling software and techniques, SolidWorks is a virtual design and test tool run on a computer in the company’s machine shop. It allows you to create a numerical modeling of the part and to do virtual tests on this part to make sure it works properly in the assembly where it will be used.

For example, to restore an injection mould, weld a part or cut an object or gear, Machinage Gagné performs a mechanical simulation and a calculation of materials, which creates an impeccable model.

When we draw a digital model, the objects represented by the model undergo modelling that allows them to define their technical specifications. In addition, thanks to the graphic representation of the object, it is possible to visualize and control the evolution of its manufacture. In addition, SolidWorks offers the possibility of managing large assemblies. Regardless of the size of the product, Machinage Gagné is able to take charge of its manufacture.

The various components of the CAD design are:

  • digital modeling
  • mechanical simulation and material calculation
  • graphic representation
  • Plan drawing
  • 3D object manipulation
  • management of large assemblies

The production of 2D and 3D CAD drawings by Machinage Gagné is based on SolidWorks software, which offers complete modeling. The software has a range of possibilities and makes it easier to retouch a model by going up the design shaft. This ensures careful analysis of the product.

Similarly, with Machinage Gagné, you can be assured that manufacturing will be custom-made, depending on your needs, especially since you have the opportunity to review the whole process. Unlike other software that is fully automated, SolidWorks software allows the part to be manufactured in real time, but in a virtual way. It allows you to rotate the piece to present different ISO views.

In addition to solidWorks’ unique advantage in creating plans of unparalleled accuracy, this software converts the design into the desired format. For example, it is possible to switch from a 2D plan to a 3D plan. This option leaves the manufacturer with the choice to define the contours of his product according to his needs and the aesthetic specifications of the product. SolidWorks also offers a 3D object manipulation feature, which allows you to visualize the design of the product in a real or near-real form. Added to all these benefits is the correction of problems by tools built into SolidWorks.

In addition, in order to meet the most demanding needs of its customers, the dedicated team of Machinage Gagné offers customers unparalleled assistance with unparalleled professionalism. For example, the company has an inspection room, where manufactured products or parts are rigorously inspected to ensure they will be to customer satisfaction. In fact, Machinage Gagné has CMM machines (coordinate measurement machines, or Coordinate Measuring Machines),which can verify that the parts meet the defined specifications. In fact, our company has been ISO 9001:2015 certified for 3 years, which is a testament to the importance we place on continuous improvement and accuracy.

The Team of Machinage Gagné offers exceptional, accurate and fast service. In addition to 2D and 3D CAD drawing with SolidWorks, the company’s team collects and delivers all kinds of parts on demand, as well as machining a wide variety of parts.

Machinage Gagné has two locations in Granby: its head office, at 790 Blvd. Industrial, and at 609 Blvd. St. Lawrence; its two facilities are 40,000 sqft. Given its location, the company serves the cities and regions of Montreal, the South Shore, Longueuil, Boucherville and Saint-Hubert.

Whether you are a manager of a small, medium or large industrial company, Machinage Gagné has the capacity to meet your production needs of all sizes. Our machining specialists, who are notably experts in CAD drawing, accompany you in the manufacture and virtual testing of your products. Their skills span many areas, such as injection mold manufacturing, CNC machining, gearing, welding and sharpening.

Manufacturing Gagné is able to quickly and meticulously carry out any activity of manufacturing parts in the industrial and mechanical fields. The manufacture of parts is the domain of choice of our machining workshop. Recreational vehicle parts plants, transportation, telecommunications and security plants are examples of customers for whom our services can be advantageous.

If you are located in the territory we serve, and our services can be useful, please contact us. We’ll be happy to help you make your project a success.

With the advent of 3D printing, more and more people are interested in 3D modeling. This type of design is simply revolutionary for manufacturing companies. The technique associated with 3D modeling is called Computer-Assisted Design or CADand provides a “real view” of an object before it is made.

To adequately meet the needs of specialized manufacturing companies, the Machinage Gagné machine shop offers CAD/CAO design services. This technique avoids imperfections and red tape of scale drawings. Want to make your parts by CAD drawing? Winning Machining is the right business for you!