Injection moulds

Also known as “plastic injection,” injection moulding is a manufacturing process using thermo-formable materials, such as making plastic bottles or plumbing and plumbing parts. These examples are essentially made of thermoplastic materials. In addition, the majority of thermoplastic parts are made using injection moulds. In practice, the plastic material is softened by heat. During thedynamic injectionphase, the molten material is injected at high pressure into a mould that has one or more cavities that give the part the desired shape. The material is then inserted into a mould and cooled.

Over time, moulds used for injection moulding need precision machining to regain the desired tolerances. Without this mold optimization, a fault, even if it is only a fraction of a millimeter, can cause production defects during injection molding, and even interrupt the production process.

At Machinage Gagné, our professional and experienced team offers you the necessary assistance to help you optimize the preventative maintenance, maintenance and repair of your injection molds.

To succeed in the plastic injection process, it is essential to have the right equipment in your hands. The same goes for maintenance and repair: they are impossible without precision tools, CNC millers, sharpeners, drills and skills such as computer-assisted programming and design and quality control inspection.

That’s why Machinage Gagné offers services to manufacture and repair your injection molds. Indeed, our injection mold service provides a professional and complete service for the rehabilitation of your molds and tools. Thanks to our professionals, you will get excellent advice to take advantage of our tailored solutions,which will meet all your needs.

Need an emergency service? No problem: Winning Machinage is here to help. Thanks to our excellent emergency service, you will be able to reduce downtime on your equipment in the event of a breakdown.

Machineage Gagné offers its services over a large territory. We serve cities in the metropolitan area, such as the South Shore of Montreal, Montreal, Saint-Hubert, Boucherville and Longueuil. Moreover, Machinage Gagné does not just offer casting services: it is an expert in CNC machining, gears, welding, construction and engineering designs, maintenance and development of tools and equipment, and even sharpening.

In the manufacturing sector, injection moulding and extrusion moulding are plastic moulding techniques used to manufacture a variety of products. These can include plastic bottles, pipes, agricultural products, automotive components, and household items that are used every day. The moulds used are generally exceptionally efficient in making large quantities of parts. Injection moulding can be used to shape plastics and elastomers, as well as certain metals and alloys.

The Machinage Gagné machine shop offers a complete range of repair and maintenance for injection plastic moulding in the commercial and industrial sectors. We specialize in almost all types of machining needed to repair and prevent preventative maintenance. We also design and manufacture the moulds, as well as creating prototypes for samples and production parts. Machinage Gagné has expertise in 2-, 3- and 4-axis CNC machining, reworking, computer-assisted design and machining, and parts design and development.

Whether you’re in Montreal, Longueuil, Saint-Hubert, Boucherville or another city, enjoy our comprehensive repair and tooling equipment, our expertise in injection mold maintenance and repair, our fast service and our ISO certification.